Dalton Sherman – a student speaks

A friend of mine shared this video from YouTube that I think you will enjoy (click on the image to launch the video on YouTube):

Dalton Sherman on YouTube

Dalton Sherman on YouTube

Dalton Sherman is one student to keep an eye on in the next few years.  I think he will do great things and is already an extremely accomplished speaker and presenter.  What he has to say is even more powerful because it comes from a student.  He shouldn’t be the only one allowed to speak, though.  We should give all of our students a chance to express what they feel about their education.  I hope you enjoy the video and find it inspirational.


One response to “Dalton Sherman – a student speaks

  1. Thank you so much for posting these videos!!! Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard; children are the most important component of education and when making decisions about education, children are the first ones we should listen to. We need to make changes and improvements in education based on the experience of the children, so we need to listen carefully to them. We need to ask, listen, hear, and value their voice.

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